Born from the AIR Shift Patrick County program, TRAIL HANDS, is a project that brings art and trails together to engage visitors in a meaningful and unique experience. In addition to hiking, each person that experiences a TRAIL HAND will also have the opportunity to learn more about our county - the Heritage, Arts, Nature, Dreams and Stories of our community. 

There is one permanent art installation of a TRAIL HAND in each locality of the county.  Each TRAIL HAND is made of concrete and has been adorned by a local artist. 

Our region of Appalachia is blessed with beautiful and unique natural resources. TRAIL HANDS was created to promote Patrick County’s natural resources in a way that increases tourism, economic development, and celebrates art while encouraging healthier lifestyles. 

Check out the information found in the linked pages to learn more about the amazing artists, history of our community, and beautiful trails. Make plans to visit Patrick County and take the adventure to visit all 5 Hands! Be sure to share your experience on social media. 

Click on the words below to see what HANDS represents!



H is for Heritage

Families and their traditions and how they preserve and pass down to each other.


A is for Art

Musicians, Fabricators, Creators, Farmers, Gardeners, Chefs, Photographers.  Everyone who walks a creative path.


N is for Nature

Nature. Trails, trees, mountains, animals, the beautiful environment that shines so bright around us.


D is for Dreams

To help continue to inspire creativity.


S is for Stories

The essence of transferring oral traditions from grandparent to grandchild, local to a visitor, and teacher to student.


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