Courter Moon Photography

Cindi Courter has been working for nearly 30 years in the photographic medium and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Maryland Institute College of Art. Cindi spent years photographing underwater off the Virginia and North Carolina coasts, throughout Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico. In 1996, Courter tied together her fine arts background and her love of the Latin America culture into an interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree from Duke University. Her photographs have been exhibited in various galleries and shows in Washington, D.C., Virginia Beach, Maryland and North Carolina, been published in various magazines and publications over the last twenty years and hang in private collections from Lake Havasu, Arizona to Washington, D.C. Her son Kyle, has shown an interest in the camera since a very early age. Kyle works in digital macro format. His images focus on the tiniest detail of flowers and insects, from a flower crab spider waiting for its prey inside a peacock orchid to this image of two grasshoppers entitled "Love Bugs". Kyle showed his work professionally at the JEB Stuart Art Show and his work also hangs in private collections from North Carolina to Washington, D.C.

For more information, contact Cindi at, or 276.930.4449.


Category: Artists/Craftsmen