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A Quick & Dirty Guide to the Biking Scene Near Philpott Lake

Tuesday June 26, 2018
Guide to the Biking Scene Near Philpott Lake

Philpott Lake has long-drawn fishermen and boaters from around the region to spend an afternoon on the tranquil water. But the area has also become a hub for cyclists, who’ve discovered that the forested trails and quiet roads are another great way to explore this scenic section of Southwest Virginia.

Searching for Legendary Fairystones in Southwest Virginia

Tuesday June 19, 2018
Searching for Fairystones

Hidden in the hills and valleys of Southwest Virginia’s Patrick Country are tiny geological reminders of the region’s ancient past. Famously dubbed fairy stones, the miniature staurolite crystals are only found in a few places on earth, including portions of northern Georgia and the Swiss Alps. Fairy Stone State Park remains one of the premier places on the planet to seek out the ancient stones, often sought as keepsakes and good-luck charms. In Patrick County, the tiny geological curiosities are also swirled with legend and local lore, which makes searching for the storied stones even more intriguing.

The Complete Guide to Virginia’s Fairy Stone State Park

Tuesday June 19, 2018
Guide to Fairy Stone State Park

One of Virginia’s most alluring locations, Fairy Stone State Park blends Blue Ridge mountain majesty, engaging history, and an enticing array of outdoor adventures. One of Virginia’s original six state parks, Fairy Stone was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the midst of the Great Depression, and it was the state’s largest park when it opened in 1936. The recreation area is steeped with local folklore, and enduring relics of the region’s colorful history still linger along the park’s trails. The park is full of adventures for everyone from thrill-seeking weekend warriors to laidback car-campers.