Monday June 3, 2019

“Stella’s Day Trips”

Fred Clifton Park.


This humble park stands above Lover’s Leap Wayside, perching on the well-known site.  It soars high over Woolwine and rests at an elevation of two-thousand nine hundred and thirty feet.  From up there, birds spread wings wide like the view, falling free and far on the wind.

Several windows to the north reveal Bedford’s Peaks of Otter, the farthest distance visible on the pale gray horizon of the Blue Ridge.  Short trails wind easily around groves of rhododendron and rustic picnic tables, interspersed with tall shade trees that reach skyward to the sun, swaying slightly with the breeze.  The air is new, clean, and refreshingly clear.

One rugged course descends quickly and is not well-traveled.  It levels at the Lover’s Leap Wayside overlook, adjacent Jeb Stuart Highway.  The rock ledge underscores the beauty, all framed by clouds and blue and peace.  A panoramic masterpiece.

The hardtop road leads back up to the park where children curve along simple paths. The settled and shy-footed can arrange a serving table at the trail head for a warm weather potluck gathering with family and friends.

Located in Patrick County, this park is easily accessed.  From Roanoke, take US 220 South to Stuart, then 58 West toward Meadows of Dan, Virginia.  At Lover’s Leap Wayside, turn right at the Fred Clifton Park sign. Parking is at the top of the hill.  A single bathroom stands beside the parking lot.

From the Blue Ridge Parkway, take the exit at Meadows of Dan at milepost 177.7, then 58 East for five and a half miles.  Turn left before the Lover’s Leap overlook at the sign for Fred Clifton Park.

Fred Clifton Park

US 58 West

8550 Jeb Stuart Highway

Meadows of Dan, VA 24120

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