Monday June 3, 2019

“Stella’s Day Trips

        Mabry Mill.


There isn’t a season or an hour on the clock that Mabry Mill is more beautiful than others.  It always looks like a postcard, perfect to frame.  The pond, flat and filled with life, mirrors the grist mill, every slab of textured wood, in tint and shade, reflects days of old, as things were.


Restored buildings live along the paths—some hardtop, others raised decking and bridges---lining the wooden millrace.  The Blacksmith shop, scented of fresh shaped iron tools, the family cabin where weavers make chairs and spin wool.


Winter is frozen.  The wheel stops in its spin, covered in still water, thick and opaque.  Ice surfaces the channeled creek, rushing below, breaking through—occasionally—bubbling methodically to the rapid wings of little fat snowbirds.


Spring smells damp and earthy and of daffodils.  Quiet moments of serenity—a silence where life springs in subtle stages—variegated foliage—oak, maple, and tulip poplar paint the backdrop where regal pines tower.


Summer is lush and stirring with fluffy tailed squirrels, chattering finches, and ducks that glide to the water’s edge, taking bread crumbs from visitors and naps on the lawn.  Breezes are warm and soft as the mill’s wheel loudly turns the creek into splashes.


Autumn changes the air to crisp winds and dyes leaves so colorful they star in the skyline and draw tourists to witness their fall.   The Mill is alive with apple butter making, old-timey banjo bluegrass, and the serve-breakfast-all-day seasonal restaurant.  


The pancakes are recommended along with a gift shop visit for souvenirs.


Directions: from Roanoke, go south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to mile marker 176.  

From Stuart, take 58 West Business to Meadows of Dan.  Enter the Parkway and go north for one mile to milepost 176.


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